Thumbs up for Fran from Fairport Convention’s Chris

Richard Gleave, Trish Abey and Fran Gurd of MNDA
Richard Gleave, Trish Abey and Fran Gurd of MNDA

A Linslade singer who released an album after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) has handed over a cheque to a leading MND charity.

Trish Abey, 62, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of MND in April 2015 and recorded her voice on CD before the condition progressed.

Following its release in January, the album ‘Is that it...?’ has been well-received with online sales.

And on December 20, Trish and her musical collaborator Richard Gleave handed over a £450 cheque to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Richard said: “Trish is very grateful for the support that the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) has provided and is still providing.

“Equally important, Trish is keen that people should be made aware of the vital importance of banking their voice if there is any risk that they will lose it though MND, MS or stroke.

“Sadly Trish has now lost her voice and is almost completely paralysed, but is still able to speak using a head-pointer, keyboard and specialist UK-based software, called GRID 3.”

One of the album tracks, ‘The Carnival Is Over’, is available as a single and has been given the thumbs up by Fairport Convention’s Chris Leslie, who emailed: “Great stuff! Such a good selection of songs – you have such good taste! Your family must be so proud of you – you are an inspiration!!”

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