Violent inmates will meditate on their crimes

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Woodhill prison’s most dangerous prisoners are to be given lessons in meditation in a bid to keep them calm.

The prison’s high security unit, described as a ‘jail within a jail’ , houses some of the most violent men in the UK.

Now the isolated inmates will have access to ‘mindfulness’ courses that will help them control their feelings.

They will be taught by psychologists and prison guards, and it is hoped the lessons will more insight into their emotions and boost concentration.

The course will be based on Buddhist meditation traditions and is already used by the NHS to treat depression.

It will be rolled out at Woodhill as well as the country’s seven other highest security jails.

Mark Campion, wellbeing strategy manager for the high-security prisons group, said mindfulness would be one of the “pathways of therapy” for prisoners.

He added: “Some won’t engage.You can’t force people to do mindfulness. It is on a need basis agreed by both prisoner and the prison psychologist.’