Help with hedgehog rehabilitation

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LBO front page web image'MPLO

A HEDGEHOG rescue home is appealing for carers to help look after the prickly critters over the winter.

Jackie Burke from Leighton Buzzard Hedgehog Rehabilitation has called on readers to help with overwintering during their hibernation period.

The hedgehog helper has already taken in more than 174 animals so far this year and expects to take another 70 or 80 between now and January, her busiest time of year.

But with funding coming only out of her own pocket, Jackie, founder of the care centre, needs your help.

She said: “It’s a huge commitment and whether it’s Christmas Day or if you feel unwell the animals still need caring for.

“My carers come back each year to take one, two or even eight animals from me because they find it such a rewarding experience.”

To be a carer you need a large guinea pig cage, hand towels or straw for bedding, and if the hog is to be kept in a garage or shed then an electric heatpad.

For those who can’t offer a hog a home, Jackie offered some tips to help the creatures through the winter period.

“If you have a hedgehog visiting your garden give it a helping hand to fatten up for winter, they need to weigh 600g by the end of October orNovember depanding on the weather,” she said.

“Put out chicken-based cat food, chicken cat biscuits, unsalted peanuts, mealworms, apple, banana, digestive biscuits all these will help and always a bowl of water. Any hog out in the day needs attention as is a poorly hog.”

Anyone in need of advice on hogs or who would like to become a carer should call Jackie on 01525 759916.