Help your pet to fight off fleas and worms


Pets At Home will hold a free workshop, providing pet owners with tips on how to help protect against unwanted visitors next week.

The Bletchley store will host a flea and worm workshop on Saturday, April 25 from 12-2pm to provide owners with tips on how to keep their four-legged friend flea and worm-free.

Deputy manager Rea Kelly said: “Fleas are small blood-sucking insects and love pets’ fur, beds and blankets. Difficult to see, they’re incredible jumpers, fast moving, only 2mm long and dark in colour. For every flea you see on your pet, there can be roughly 95 in your home at various stages of development, hidden in carpets, soft furnishings and even your own clothes. And rather worryingly, a flea left untreated can become hundreds in just 21 days.

“Similarly worms are nasty parasites which can cause a number of health problems, including upset stomachs, agitation and digestive problems. However, it’s easy to keep your pet free of fleas and worms by seeking advice on how to tackle these nasty critters and our workshop will help owners select the best treatment for their furry friend.”

For more information please contact Pets at Home Bletchley or visit