Investigation into ‘toxic gas’ incident at Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre in Linslade

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MPLO+LB+SCENE Lifestyles@Tiddenfoot / Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre PNL-140929-121907001

An investigation is ongoing at Linslade’s Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre after a suspected chemical incident last year which is said to have resulted in two staff members being hospitalised.

It is understood that the two employees remain on long-term sick leave after allegedly breathing in toxic fumes during the incident, which took place on August 24, 2017.

It is believed at least one of the affected employees intends to sue for compensation.

Several sources have told the LBO that staff at the leisure centre were authorised to purchase a chemical tablet from a garden centre, with one staff member then instructed to mix it with another chemical.

This allegedly caused a gas vapour to build up in the tank located in the plant room of the swimming pool.

When two members of staff carried out their routine plant rooms checks, they are said to have become exposed to the vapour and were hospitalised.

One source claim the pair are still being treated for severe breathing problems.

A separate source told the LBO: “The council and management handled the situation poorly.” They said they believed innocent staff were the subject of disciplinary action.

The sources allege that the vapours escaped into the baby pool through the ventilation system – a claim that is denied by Central Bedfordshire Council, who insist the public was not put at risk.

Another worried Tiddenfoot user told the LBO: “I have attempted to talk to the staff there and they are pretty much saying they can’t comment which is making me slightly concerned.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesman said: “There is an ongoing investigation into a reported incident last year.

“We’d like to reassure our customers that there was no risk to them. The site is under new management, and new policies and procedures are in place.”

Central Beds Council said it would not be confirming any more detail about the incident itself as the investigation was ongoing.

They refused to confirm reports that two staff members had been hospitalised and were still being treated for breathing difficulties.