Jenny’s got lots of ideas for the future of pubs

Jenny Winter
Jenny Winter

A 32-year-old from Leighton Buzzard has joined a panel tasked with securing the future of Britain’s pubs.

Jenny Winter entered a competition organised by The Sun newspaper and Marston’s, one of the UK’s biggest pub owners, in 2014.

The Pub Of The Future competition’s aim was to find a team of ten young people, aged 18 to 32, who could come up with ideas for a pub that would adapt to the changing habits and needs of consumers.

Marston’s chief executive Ralph Findlay, said: “The British pub is one of the greatest institutions we have in this country.

“But it has a problem, it needs to become more relevant for people under the age of 35, who are no longer going to the pub the way we did in years gone by.”

Chip shop assistant Jenny has begun her twelve month journey, with the other panellists, to create their vision for the pub of the future.

The team will meet in different locations across the UK with some of the industry’s leading experts on hand to help them, they discussed what kind of food and drinks they would like to see on the menu.

Jenny, who works at local fish and chip shop Sizzlers, said: “I have worked in pubs for many years and I feel that I know what makes a good pub.

“Technology that enables the customer to charge their phones would be a massive bonus at the Pub of the Future, and Wi-Fi is crucial.

“When connected, customers could order and pay for food and drink from the table which will go straight through to the kitchen or bar.

“A bar running through the middle of the room would also enable the pub to be sectioned in a way that enables different uses for different times of the day.

“One section could have a stage and DJ area with a dance floor for example.

“It would definitely need a mixture if comfortable sofas, low tables and also larger tables for group meals.

“I envisage the exterior will have plenty of seating and tables, plant pots and a canopy giving a ‘coffee shop feel’ during the day.”

“I would like it to have a modern and welcoming feel which means it can be adaptable for a range of occasions.”

The panellists will also be discussing the pub’s design, environment and the entertainment.