Join Hedgewitch Kat on foraging workshops and challenge your senses

Lifestyle teacher Kathryn Clover
Lifestyle teacher Kathryn Clover

Foraging workshops in the great outdoors are being planned by wild plants expert Hedgewitch Kat.

A Hedgewitch Adventure is the theme developed by Kathryn Clover, who describes herself as a low-impact lifestyle teacher.

She is offering half day workshops including a sensory quiz afterwards at canalside pubs in Leighton-Linslade.

The educational treat challenges all five senses, where you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell your way to the answers and a foraging related prize.

Kat has 10 years experience leading forages and educational outdoor workshops at community gardens and allotment sites in London and Milton Keynes, and running classes for the Parks Trust. She is trained in wilderness first aid and herbal medicine.

Kat said: “Wild plants have a far higher nutritional content than shop bought veg, and in the act of collecting and eating them we benefit even more from a sense of connection with nature and increased concentration and awareness. Children and adults alike gain a lot from outdoor activities such as foraging.”

Coming soon are her short courses such as dyeing with plants, birchbark containers, herbal first aid and more.

Find her on Facebook at Hedgewitch Adventures