Keeping an eye on speed

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From the safety of the Dagnall School grounds a host of concerned residents, parishcouncillors, police and Speedwatch groups from Dagnall and surrounding villages viewed the capabilities of the SENTINEL camera which was organised through Bucks County Council.

The Groups are working together to find ways to measure the speed of vehicles through the villages which is frequently at dangerous levels.

Dagnall village and Dagnall School have a great need to manage the traffic passing the school.

Speed, volume and size of vehicles are a constant danger to all pedestrians especially the children arriving and leaving the school.

Very recently a parent was hit by a wing mirror, of a large vehicle, whilst walking their child to school, and just before that a pushchair was sucked into the road by a speeding lorry.

Luckily no serious injury has occurred, but the current situation is an accident waiting to happen.

The Sentinel camera will improve the identification of speeding vehicles on the A4146 and other roads and BCC have been persuaded to consider updating the currently approved “speedwatch” equipment to enable greater accuracy when undertaking speedwatch sessions. The information from the camera will be shared with the police who can target the offenders. Dagnall School is kicking off the fund raising campaign for the camera which costs approx £3,000.