Kids’ Christmas party still on despite theft

All Saints Church, Tilsworth
All Saints Church, Tilsworth

The community has saved the day after money raised for a village church’s annual children’s party was stolen.

Verna Hay, of Tilsworth, wanted to raise money for the village church so it could organise the yearly festivities for youngsters.

She said: “The village church is in danger of closing down, they are struggling financially because not enough people in the village attend.

“My friends and I wanted to do our bit to help All Saints Church, so we asked the manager of The Anchor if we could put a tin at the bar to try and raise money to help with the party.

“As always the pub staff were happy to help the community in any way they can, the manager is very helpful when it comes to the local people and helping with events.

“We managed to raise enough money for the party thanks to the generosity of the people in the pub.

“But, unfortunately, about two weeks ago the tin was stolen.

“Whoever took it did not spare a thought for the children or the people who had put money in there.”

Verna explained how, last Sunday, her granddaughter, Sophie, who waitresses at the pub at weekends, went round with a pint glass.

She said: “Sophie explained to the customers what had happened and asked if they could donate again. She wanted to do her bit to make sure the children got their party.

“Thanks to the kindness of those in the pub we managed to raise £80, enough money for the party food and presents for the children.

“We want to thank The Anchor, Sophie and everyone who donated. They have made sure the children of the village have their party.”

Reverend Helen Gardner, Vicar of All Saints Church, said: “The community cohesion that is built by the pub at one end of the village and the church at the other end of the village working together is cause for celebration.

“While rural churches face many challenges common to community life in rural areas, our experiences over the last few months have been that honestly facing challenges and seizing opportunities can enhance the contribution that the church makes to the community.

“The church is its people and the turnaround we have seen has only been possible because of the selfless contributions of those who love the church and want to see local worship and community life continue to co-exist and thrive.”