Kind Leighton Buzzard girl spends her birthday litter picking after media coverage of polluted oceans

Amber on litter patrol in  Astral Park
Amber on litter patrol in Astral Park

A kind Leedon Lower School pupil dedicated her birthday to helping wildlife, as she completed a litter pick in Astral Park on her special day.

Amber Lockhart, nine, of Billington Park, Leighton Buzzard, was so shocked by recent media coverage of the harm that plastic has caused to the planet’s oceans that she wanted to help tidy up her neighbourhood.

Amber on litter patrol in  Astral Park

Amber on litter patrol in Astral Park

The selfless school student requested a litter picker for her birthday and on the day itself, Wednesday, June 20, she scoured Astral Park looking for bits of rubbish.

Amber’s mum, Debbie, said: “Amber watched a programme on TV which showed animals in the sea with all the plastic in their tummies.

“From then on she wanted a litter picker for her birthday, which her brother, Alfie got for her. When we were in Astral Park a few people were jogging who passed by and commented that she was doing a really good job.

“We were out for an hour and filled half a black bin sack with rubbish.”

Amber said: “It makes me sad and angry when I see litter. I don’t think it is right that animals and sea life are eating our rubbish, just because we do not do the right thing and bin it.

“I hope that when people see me out litter picking it may make them think before they litter and put it in a bin instead.”

Amber would now like to conduct litter picks around her neighbourhood streets as well as more in Astral Park, although first she needs a new litter picker, as the one she was using broke because it wasn’t wide enough to pick up some of the rubbish!

Debbie, 36, added: “What Amber has done is very cute and we are quite proud of her. I also put it on Facebook and lots of family have said that Amber is setting an example.”

Amber lives with her mum, Debbie, father Paul, 39, and brother Alfie, 11. One of her favourite animals is the rabbit and she also has a great love of marine wildlife.

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