Knit one, Pearl one for charity

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HOBBIES must be the answer to a long and fruitful life especially if you want to keep the mind active and the body supple.

One woman in Leighton who has just celebrated her 95th birthday believes her hobby has certainly kept the grey-matter ticking over as she spends her time raising cash for charity by knitting cuddly bears and dolls.

Olive Pither of St George’s Court has been making toys since 2004 when she had to take a bear along to a picnic.

She suddenly realised she did not have one so knitted one quickly.

Her bear was a hit and others wanted a woolly friend of their own so Olive picked up a knitting needles and she has been knitting ever since.

More than 400 teddies and dolls later she has now raised £4,706 for charity Prostate Action – a cause close to her heart as her husband died of the disease.

And she shows no signs of giving up yet as she plans to keep knitting until she has achieved £5,000 for the charity.

Obviously sprightly Olive’s fingers are not as nimble as they used to be so she now keeps her sale days to the sheltered housing’s organised fairs and friend-of-friends requests.

Olive’s favourite things to knit at the moment are ‘Cinderella’ dolls – princess one side and scullery maid underneath. And of course the traditional ted.