Learn how to read people’s lips

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A woman who started losing her hearing in her 30s has started lipreading classes to help others in a similar situation.

Molly Berry is profoundly deaf and after having a successful cochlear implant eight years ago decided to retrain as a lipreading tutor.

She said: “Research has shown that joining a lipreading class helps to avoid the damaging social isolation that can accompany hearing loss.

“Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss classes, to give them their full title, teach you to let your eyes help your ears fill in the things you miss.

“They are small friendly classes, and as well as learning lipreading we cover how hearing works and the things that can go wrong, equipment and organisations that can help, strategies to cope, and much more, oh, and we laugh a lot!”

Molly has just started a class in Leighton Buzzard on a Monday night. Call or text her on 07741 095921 or email mb.lipreading@gmail.com

For information on hearing loss, visit The Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults website www.atlalipreading.org.uk