Leighton author on a quest to find WRNS

Leighton author Neville Budd
Leighton author Neville Budd

A Leighton author whose father was based at Bletchley Park is trying to find out where WRNS were billeted during the war.

Neville Budd, 78, of Hockliffe Street said: “All WRNS who weren’t at sea had to have what was called a ‘stone frigate,’ indicating a shore establishment.

“The address for WRNS who worked in Bletchley Park was HMS Pembroke V – they weren’t allowed to tell their families they were working at the code and cypher school.”

He added: “Many of the people who worked at the Park were billeted in various towns and villages in the surrounding area but all I can find out is that 12 men were billeted in Leighton Buzzard.

“There must have been many more than this – and what about the women?”

Neville’s hoping that LBO readers will be able to help him in his quest to put the last piece in the jigsaw.

And he’s discovered that several local hostelries were used for billeting arrangements. They were The Swan, The Albion, The Hunt Hotel and The Unicorn Hotel, now known as The Lancer.

He, his twin sisters and older brother lived in Number 2 cottage behind the mansion and were known as ‘the children of the Park.’

Their father, Robert Budd, worked at Bletchely from 1939 but never spoke of what he did.

Neville recalled: “After the war ended, Mum and Dad ran the clubhouse in the former navy intelligence hut, hut 4. I believe.”

He has written four children’s books and two factual books based on his time at Bletchley. And he’s a popular speaker at societies and institutions, recounting his life as a child at the iconic site.

Neville is proud that not only do he and his family feature on Bletchley’s Roll of Honour – alongside the men and women who helped shorten the war – but also that he is the youngest to be mentioned.

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