Leighton Buzzard author crowdfunding for feminist fairytale about Greek goddesses and girl power!

Rosina, author of Aphrodite's Fury
Rosina, author of Aphrodite's Fury

An ambitious Leighton Buzzard author is launching a crowdfunding campaign to publish her 21st century fairytale, featuring Greek goddesses and girl power...

Student Rosina Georgiou, 25, has re-written popular bedtime fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, with a new heroine, goddesses not godmothers, and a feminist twist.

The Creative Writing student is now hoping that kind LBO land supporters can help her reach £4,500 by March 19 in order to self-publish ‘Aphrodite’s Fury’, with any extra money going towards donating copies to schools.

Rosina said: “I started a creative writing MA course at Middlesex University and we visited the British Museum. I ended up with Ancient Greek statues - I’m part Greek; I felt like I knew a bit of the history.

“Aphrodite’s whole ring finger was missing - as the Goddess of love, it’s really ironic!

“Fairytales have true love’s first kiss being most important -but what happens when you take that out? What happens if the ring finger is gone?”

The university then challenged Rosina to write Aphrodite into an existing fairytale.

Her bold new Sleeping Beauty, retitled ‘Aphrodite’s Fury’, sees the King and Queen hold a party to celebrate their baby daughter, Xara, only to have jealous Aphrodite, who has not been invited, threaten Xara with a curse if she pricks her finger on a red rose.

Eventually tricked, Xara is given a gift and a curse - she’s the most beautiful woman in the land, but every man will break her heart! Locked away from men in a tower, Xara must use gifts from Nike, Athena, and Demetra to escape.

But when breaking the curse leaves her without a ring finger, Xara chooses her own destiny...

Rosie said: “I grew up on fairytales where women depended on men to save them.

“I think girls should read a mixture of fairytales; traditional stories because we don’t want to lose our cultural heritage, and modern ones which show freedom of choice.”

To find out more and help Rosina reach her target, visit: https://mdxcrowdfund.com/p/aphroditesfury/?ref=50620