Leighton Buzzard ballroom dancers are top 10 in UK!

Paul and Sue dance the Foxtrot.
Paul and Sue dance the Foxtrot.

A Leighton Buzzard brother and sister blitzed their rivals on the ballroom floor, as they ranked 6th and 7th in a national dance competition.

Paul Woolhead, 56, and Sue Simmons, 54, were delighted with their performance at the UK National Dance Championships in November, as they came sixth in the over 50s category for Latin and seventh for Ballroom.

Sue and Paul dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

Sue and Paul dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

Unbelievably, their twinkled-toed success at the Winter Gardens Ballroom, Blackpool, comes just one year after they stepped back into the world of dance, as the amateur performers gave up the glitzy world of competitions when they married and had families.

Paul, of Russell Way, said: “It took us one year’s worth of training and we’re very pleased! The aim was to make the final for both, which is the top six. We were very close with the Ballroom and missed out by two points!

“To be honest I think the the first round is the hardest.

“The standard isn’t so high, so with everyone on the floor, some of the couples don’t know how to steer and get out of the way quite so well!”

Paul and Sue grew up in Highfield Road

Paul and Sue grew up in Highfield Road

Sue said: “Reaching the final is what we really wanted to do and to get into the final in Blackpool is what every dancer wants!

“We want to be in the top three next year or, if not, win it! One of our teachers said that if we put in the hard work it could be possible.”

Paul and Sue performed an amazing 60 dances on each day of the competition, with Latin on November 16 and Ballroom on November 17.

And the judges certainly put them through their paces, with the Jive billed as the final Latin dance and the Quickstep as the last Ballroom dance!

Paul said: “We’re back training now - we want to make the top three next year!

“Sue is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with her family this Christmas holiday, but I’m putting my feet up!”

Sue said: “We fly out on Boxing Day and we will be climbing to the summit.

“I would like to say thank you to our families for their support - especially as they put up with us disappearing off to dance competitions!”

Paul’s dedicated wife, Liz, is the sibling’s roadie and she and Paul have two daughters, Claire and Lucy. Meanwhile, Sue is married to Graham and the couple have a son, Jeffrey and a daughter, Emily.

If any companies would like to sponsor Sue and Paul, please email: pwoolhead@hotmail.com