Leighton Buzzard business left ‘fed up’ with Virgin Media workers

The barriers outside Sharon's workplace.
The barriers outside Sharon's workplace.

A Leighton Buzzard businesswoman claims that Virgin Media has been causing a ‘hole’ lot of bother when laying cables outside her company.

Sharon Womersley, of Denvor Trading, Greaves Way Industrial Estate, says that Virgin Media contractors, Kelly Group, have been to lay ducting and install cables for other companies at the site.

However, since work began in November, Sharon claims there has been “no end” of problems.

Speaking on Friday, she claimed: “My whole front has been dug up now for five days.

“I have big, articulated lorries that come here to deliver and there’s now no space for them to park.

“The blue barriers are not secured properly and there are young children who go to a nearby gymnasium; if one of them runs off near the barriers there could be an accident.

“The contractors turned up one week early to do the work and I have not been told when it will finish. I am fed up with Kelly’s.”

In December, Sharon alleges that the contractors dug a manhole in which to run a cable. However, it was dug in the wrong place, and right near Sharon’s bins, so the bin lorry was unable to empty them.

She also says that customers have had difficulty accessing the store, as the work has taken up five parking spaces.

Sharon claimed: “One contractor was not wearing his goggles while using a pick axe because his face was ‘sweaty’ - that’s really dangerous. And elsewhere on site they laid concrete when it was raining and it had no time to cure.”

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We are aware of some issues concerning work carried out by one of our contractors in Leighton Buzzard.

“We always try to minimise disruption and ensure all work is carried out with professionalism and to the highest standards. We are in contact with the person in question and work is due to be carried out shortly to resolve the issue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”