Leighton Buzzard chocolate shop supports girl power!

The chocolate bar
The chocolate bar

A Leighton Buzzard chocolate shop created a bold new bar to celebrate International Women’s Day and help girls through body and self-confidence issues.

Creighton’s Chocolaterie, High Street, released their dark chocolate and caramel ‘Girl Power’ design, which for every one sold, £1 will go to charity.

The team (Lucy middle)

The team (Lucy middle)

Getting ahead of their industry competitors, their initiative seeks to help social enterprise ‘Girls Out Loud’, who support female teens by providing talks and workshops about body confidence, relationships and self-esteem.

Lucy Elliott, co-founder of Creighton’s, said: “We spent the last few months deciding to do something for International Women’s Day. We haven’t done a charity bar before and it’s a really good time to do it, as we’re currently going through the process of being certified as a women’s only business.

“The charity we chose is really relevant to everybody, because Girls Out Loud go into UK schools and empower girls by talking about body confidence, self confidence and image.

“I got in touch with the director and had a chat about what we were doing.

“There’s been so much media coverage on body image and food, especially with beauty bloggers, so I think our bar helps to show that having chocolate is not necessarily a bad thing, so long as you have a balanced diet. It’s a treat, something to be enjoyed.”

Indeed, there’s no mistaking Girl Power, as the wrapper has been catching customers’ eyes with it’s sparkly design and images of breasts on the cover - all of different shapes and sizes!

Leighton Buzzard shoppers have lapped up the treat, made of dark chocolate and caramel, and the shop staff have had no end of positive feedback about their project.

Lucy said: “I designed the wrapper, and spent a few days trying to decide what to have on it. I was going to have lots of leopard print but I really wanted to do the boobs!

“I didn’t know how it would be received, but one of my team members saw what I was doing and said she loved it.

“It was peer pressure! Our whole branding is tongue in cheek and makes our handmade products more accessible to customers, and more eyecatching.”

The shop’s first batch sold out in a matter of days, and they have so far raised £458 - half way to their £900 target.

Amongst their charity project, the team are also celebrating sales of their chocolate in big gift chain Oliver Bonas, while the bars are to be sold in the deli of Gizzi Erskine’s Mare St Market restaurant.