Leighton Buzzard filmmaker looking for locations

Leighton Buzzard film maker Mike Carter
Leighton Buzzard film maker Mike Carter

Rupert Digby is a pretentious psychiatrist with a huge ego. He’s a bachelor and prefers to be so.

But there is a dominant woman in his life – his mother Madge.

Unfortunately she’s had difficulty getting through life since her first love, Sir Richard Delightful, left her in the lurch 30 years ago, pregnant with Rupert - who has never met his father.

To relieve her stress, Madge has a habit of standing on ledges on high buildings. Naturally, Rupert does all he can to discourage her.

His loyal secretary (and secret admirer) Elizabeth Draper takes a call and organises a consultation with Berry Delightful, an upper class beauty seeking help for her increased sexual desires following involuntary hypnosis.

So far, so crazy: an introduction to All in the Mind, a one-act comedy by businessman Paul Sturridge, who has several alter egos – scriptwriter, stage director, public speaker and self-confessed actor of little talent.

The idea came to Paul after a friend regaled him with her visit to a psychiatrist. The script doesn’t - allegedly – attempt to portray her personal challenges, but they did spark the amusing story line.

Paul - originally from Leighton Buzzard but now living in Winchester – met up with accomplished local film maker Mike Carter and they agreed to work together to transform this short stage play into a screen play.

Mike said: “Comedy is a favourite genre of mine and I enjoy Paul’s approach.

“Our aim is to produce a short film for release on YouTube, Vimeo and other digital film websites making it free to view.”

The director, whose latest work is a documentary on the Grand Union Canal featuring the dramatic moment when a taxi plunged into the water in December 2012, said they were looking for a location they could use as a psychiatrist’s consulting room.

He added: “Ideally it would be a nice plush office with an antique desk and big red leather chair.

“If anyone is interested in helping with that, or if you’re in amateur dramatics and fancy being in a short film, we’d love to hear from you.”

They hope to hold auditions around Christmas and will begin filming in late April.

> For more information contact Mike on 07866 556044.