Leighton Buzzard filmmaker’s beautiful video captures might and majesty of African wildlife

Images from Gary's video.
Images from Gary's video.

An adventurous photographer and filmmaker from Leighton Buzzard has created a powerful video to show the might of African nature.

Gary Nunn, 41, travelled to South Africa to shoot footage in a private game reserve, creating an advert for Wild Insight Safari Company.

The photographer also wrote about his own experiences and bravely spent his nights sleeping in an unfenced camp as any animal was able to roam free at the site.

Gary said: “My expectations before arriving were mixed, one of excitement as it’s not everyday you are invited to such an incredible place, but also concern that you may not see everything as this is nature - not a safari park.Nobody feeds the animals; this is their home and we were right in the middle of it.

“Seeing the leopards was undoubtedly one of my highlights, because these cats are, pound for pound, the strongest and most powerful of the cat kingdom.”

The freelancer’s love for animals is “huge” and he says the trip has cemented his respect for the creatures, as well as his passion for filming in such landscapes.

He also had the chance to learn about legendary African tour guide, Graham Cooke.

Gary added: “Wild Insight Safari Company is undoubtedly one of the best you could want to host your trip.

“Graham Cooke, a legendary tour guide, personally takes you on an educational and inspirational journey of not only seeing such wonderful creatures, but creating spiritual moments that you remember forever.

“Graham spent many years hand rearing two wild leopard cubs, one of the only persons on Earth to have this accolade.”

Gary describes the global response his video has received as “terrific” and hopes others are inspired to take up a career in filming.

He now has another safari visit to Botswana planned, as well as many European trips off the beaten track, having learnt many tips for filming in the wild.

Gary said: “My challenge as a filmmaker when shooting alone is being able to carry equipment; travelling as light as possible is important, but that does limit you on what gear to take.

“This wasn’t a BBC documentary where you have months of planning, huge budgets and many location set ups so you are able to wait for the shot.

“This was a run and gun situation where I am on the back of a Jeep using my upper and lower body to steady the camera in order to capture footage.”

To watch Gary’s video, visit: https://youtu.be/why8_hDRZmQ

You can also find out more about Gary at: www.instagram.com/garynansome/