Leighton Buzzard man wants to help people be their best

Steve Katasi
Steve Katasi

Leighton Buzzard resident Steve Katasi has started a new fitness and wellbeing business.

Steve has left a successful career in IT tech start-ups to found AdapNation.

He said: “AdapNation is all about self-optimisation. Helping people make improvements in nutrition, wellbeing, fitness, body composition and mindset. We use the hashtag #BeYourBest, which summarises the intent nicely.

“The idea is to innovate in zeros, and take the cost out of the $80bn fitness and health industry by making things that are currently paid-for and with questionable value better, and freely available. Think of meal ideas, workout programming, sustainable eating approach, nutrition/wellness/fitness insights that you would normally have to pay for - or spend hours trying to navigate the noise of the internet.

“The way AdapNation goes about doing that is through rich, informative and trustworthy online content. Weekly iTunes/Google podcasts, 230+ articles on adapnation.io, a growing Facebook page and community, workout plan and vlog videos on Youtube and IGTV, 100+ meal ideas, Instagram. Instead of these platforms being an outlet to promote the business, they ARE the business.

“So, in a nutshell, AdapNation is an online self-optimisation content hub, helping those who want to improve their wellness, bodies and mind. With myself as the face of the brand.”