Leighton Buzzard pensioner with cancer and heart failure fighting ‘unfair’ Tiddenfoot parking fine

A frustrated Leighton Buzzard pensioner who is suffering from heart failure and prostate cancer is taking on an “unfair” Tiddenfoot parking fine.

Raymond Greaves, 77, signed up to a Lifestyles @Tiddenfoot membership after receiving medical advice, and visited the leisure centre on January 30.

The sign at the car park entrance.

The sign at the car park entrance.

However, after claiming he saw no parking signs, he was shocked to receive a fine for £25, appealing the same day.

Initially, he says Central Bedfordshire Council did not accept his appeal, although it is now reconsidering it, and Raymond has spoken to the LBO to warn other motorists.

Raymond claims: “Does the council not have a duty of care to its elderly? If I have to pay the fine, I cannot afford next month’s membership.

“I last visited the leisure centre about 15 years ago when parking was free, but when I joined last month, the receptionist didn’t mention that you had to pay for parking.

“I have found there are signs, but both are located in very poor positions. There is one at the far end of the car park, which you would not see unless you parked that far into it.

“The other is placed directly at the entrance on the left as you enter, and as drivers are turning left into the car park.

“At no time as you enter does your line of sight pass across the sign, and even at 5mph, is not visible long enough to notice as one is directing all their attention to driving safely to avoid other vehicles and particularly adult pedestrians and children.

“Once into the car park, that sign is facing away from anyone in the car park, and so it is easily missed. It should be moved to where pedestrians entering Tiddenfoot on foot [after parking] are able to see it clearly.”

Raymond has raised his concerns with South West Bedfordshire MP, Andrew Selous.

Mr Selous said: “Having had a chance to re-read Mr Greaves’ letter of the 31 January to Richard Carr I have written back to Central Bedfordshire Council to ask them to reconsider their decision to impose a Penalty Charge Notice on compassionate grounds and I have told Mr Greaves that I have done that.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “As we have explained in our correspondence to Mr Greaves, if he can provide the requested documentary evidence of any medical conditions then we would be happy to review his parking charge notice.”