Leighton Buzzard photographer creates super sandstorm shot!

Gary's image of himself the sandstorm.
Gary's image of himself the sandstorm.

A fearless Leighton Buzzard photographer and filmmaker captured a spectacular shot of extreme weather, as he stood right at its heart to achieve the perfect picture.

Gary Nunn, 40, of Elephants and Ants, took this incredible image of a sandstorm in Morocco whilst he was working on a project for Expedia.

Gary Nunn

Gary Nunn

Caused by heavy winds that blow over loose sand, the storms are a common occurrence in deserts and can seemingly appear from nowhere, emerging from behind the sand dunes.

Gary said: “I was asked by Expedia to make a short video over three days and I was driving through the desert to film part of a studio where famous films have been made.

“It was day two of the trip and the first day had been blue sky.

“A small clump of cloud was coming and gradually grew over the mountains.

“The formations were incredible. I quickly took a picture using my tripod, which managed to capture the image of me in the storm.

“I was standing in it as it went past me, and I think it could perhaps blow a person over if you were not standing far enough away!”

Although Gary claims that the picture looks “more dramatic” than it actually was, the storm lasted for around eight to 10 minutes and the photographer took care not to get too close.

Meanwhile, back home in Bedfordshire, some of Gary’s favourite picturesque places are Stockwood Park and Rushmere Country Park, while he especially enjoys walking his dog, Hugo, in Heath and Reach.

He said: “I’ve lived here for 10 years and I’m still amazed by people who don’t know about these places - I think they are absolutely beautiful and we have so many lovely green spaces.

“Leighton Buzzard? I think I have photographed it all. These are some of my favourite spots and I’m also known as a wedding photographer locally.”

To break into the industry, Gary recommends networking as much as possible and sharing your work on social media.

He added: “Sharing your personal work can get you noticed by industries or companies, who can ask you to recreate that moment for them.

“It goes for any job, whether it’s being a journalist or a banker - just follow your dream.

“Too many people write inspirational quotes or post them online, but don’t actually go out and do it. Life’s too short!

“I used to work as an IT project manager and it used to stifle my creativity- I couldn’t be the person that I naturally am. Now, I get to be my own boss and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Gary has a wife, Stephanie, aged 40, and two daughters, Chantelle, 21, and Adelie, 12.

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