Leighton Buzzard pub’s beer garden closed due to noise disturbance

Leighton Buzzard news
Leighton Buzzard news

Residents complaining about noise coming from two Leighton Buzzard town centre pubs have had Central Beds Council step in on their behalf.

The Top Bell has agreed to close its beer garden after residents said they were being disturbed by customers.

Additionally, Central Beds Council’s pollution team has been in talks with the Picture House after the same complainants said they were upset at noise from an air conditioning unit.

A CBC report reveals: “We have had a number of problems with noise from the Top Bell over recent years. Currently we are dealing with a complaint about noise from patrons in the garden. We have now agreed the area will be closed completely to patrons and the complainants are satisfied with all involvement.

“The Picture House have an air con unit and extract which were causing disturbance to the same complainants of the Top Bell.

“We have met with the brewery and the air con unit has been condemned with a replacement on order. The extract will be cleaned, serviced and reassessed at a future meeting with the brewery.”

CBC also got involved with the National Noise Action Week campaign which this year focussed on noise from pubs and clubs.

It said: “We arranged drop-in sessions and information packs for licensees to provide advice on how best to manage and control noise from their premises impacting on the surrounding area.

“In the Leighton Buzzard area, we had a turn out of three licensees attend the drop-in session and a further two requested the information pack we produced.”

CBC also had a complaint that Leedon service station’s generator was causing disturbance to local residents, but it has been resolved with sound mitigation measures put in place.

In total, over the past six months, CBC says its pollution team responded to 30 complaints about commercial premises in the Leighton Buzzard area, with 24 of these due to noise (three from pubs/clubs, and five were noise from construction sites.

They also had three alleged light nuisance complaints, one of which was from a pub, and investigated two odour complaints, one of which was from a farm. There was one complaint about rubbish accumulation at a commercial premises.