Leighton Buzzard’s Espresso-Head pioneers eco-friendly coffee log movement

Espresso-Head's coffee logs
Espresso-Head's coffee logs

A Leighton Buzzard coffee shop is pioneering a revolutionary new form of recycling, turning their used coffee grounds into logs for the fire.

Espresso-Head, Hockliffe Street, has become the first shop in Bedfordshire to partner with Bio-Bean, a clean technology company that can turn a barista’s waste into advanced biofuels and biochemicals.

Around every two weeks the grounds will be collected from the coffee bar and taken to Bio-Bean, London, where they will be turned into logs before being sent back to Leighton Buzzard and sold to eco-friendly customers.

Owner of Espresso-Head, Matt Brown, said: “The logs are basically a replacement for wood burning fuel, so you can use them for open fires, barbecues, etcetera.

“One coffee log is made from the grounds of 25 cups of coffee. It burns harder and longer and prevents the grounds from going into landfill.

“They provide 20 per cent more energy than burning wood and are a clean fuel , being carbon neutral.”

Matt is also proud to be partnered with Cawleys, a waste management company based in Luton who will transporting the grounds to Bio-Bean.

He said: “They go away in a special biodegradable sack and Cawleys transport it down to Bio-Beans, who process it.

“It’s quite a long winded process; they refine it, dry it out and remove the oils.”

But that’s not all! The team at Espresso-Head are working with Leighton Buzzard business, Love Candle & Wax Melts, who dry out the grounds to create a coffee scent, while Matt has been donating grounds to local gardeners and charities who use them as a fertiliser.

Matt added: “The customers love the the logs - they know we are environmentally responsible.”

>A bag of 16 logs is available for £9. To collect some grounds for fertiliser, bring a container to Espresso-Head.