Leighton Buzzard says goodbye to Creighton's Chocolaterie shop as business pursues exciting online future

A much-loved Leighton Buzzard chocolate shop closed its doors for the final time today, as it thanked customers for their years of loyalty and prepared for an exciting online future.

Monday, 24th December 2018, 6:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 9:53 am

Creighton’s Chocolaterie, based in the high street, enjoyed its last day of trading in the store after seven and a half years, saying farewell to shoppers this Christmas Eve.

However, although the business will no longer have a shop, fans will still be able to buy Creighton’s unique treats via its website or from other local retailers, as the team is now concentrating on the online market.

Lucy Elliott, co-founder of Creighton’s, said: “I had mixed feelings today - a bit nostalgic, mostly excited, not sad. I think we’re going out on a high.

“In March we moved [the factory] over to Hockliffe, because the back of the shop was a bit small. We just decided to focus on that side of things rather than have the shop as well.

“We just got really busy this year because we have grown our reach on Instagram and really pushed things online, going a bit more global.

“I had to make a difficult decision this summer - whether I could continue to run the shop and maintain some level of sanity and time to be a product designer and full-time creative director, too.

“The answer was fairly obvious and although I am very sad to not be in Leighton Buzzard anymore, we’ve had a wonderful seven and a half years here.”

The future is looking very exciting for Lucy’s scrumptious chocolate company, because Creighton’s has just got a new distributor in Japan and is also looking for a new distributor in the USA.

Lucy also revealed that it will be having a website relaunch in January and introducing a new line of products in May.

The business has had success with Japanese cartoon character Gudetama, too, because it has the rights to use him on various different products that will appeal to his YouTube fans.

Lucy said: “My mum, Andrea [head of manufacturing] is quite sad, but relieved not to have the extra workload!

“I have many different favourite memories - it’s hard to think of anything specific. My favourite thing was probably seeing the same people come in all the time, from watching them come in right at the beginning to getting to know them as friends; that’s the best bit.

“Our factory in Hockliffe is triple the size of the shop one and we’ll still be local.

“I want to thank everyone for supporting us.”

Lucy revealed that another shop will be opening in their old store at the end of January, which will be another independent business for the town (although not connected to Creighton’s).

To continue to buy delicious goodies from Creighton’s, please visit: www.wearecreightons.com