Leighton-Linslade loves Katie’s Rockin’ Treasure Hunt

Rockin' Treasure Hunt in Ladybird Playgroup, Wing.  (Katie is in the middle wearing maroon, with toddler, Ellie on her lap.)
Rockin' Treasure Hunt in Ladybird Playgroup, Wing. (Katie is in the middle wearing maroon, with toddler, Ellie on her lap.)

Will it be a dinosaur, an inspirational quote, or perhaps your favourite cartoon character?

A Rockin’ Treasure Hunt (RTH) has arrived in Leighton-Linslade, as creative families and friends are invited to paint a stone with a fun design and leave it for someone to find!

It's coming to Leighton-Linslade!

It's coming to Leighton-Linslade!

The initiative has been started by local mum Katie Mitchell, 26, as she hopes to encourage children to become more active and brighten up town with the colourful rocks.

Katie said: “I first heard of the idea from a friend in Hemel Hempstead, but instead of having it in one place, I hope to expand it.

“It started off with my Facebook page called a ‘Rockin Treasure Hunt’; I put a lot of stones out and they all disappeared. However, not everyone has Facebook so I’d like more people to know about it and let them know that there is a meaning behind it.

“A lot of children are boisterous and naughty because they are bored and stuck indoors. Youngsters don’t have many things to do here or it involves money.

What could you design?

What could you design?

“I hope the treasure hunt gets children more active and brings families together.”

All you have to do to join in is paint a rock and then hide it somewhere in your local community.

If you find a ‘RTH’ rock, you can take it home and then replace it with a stone with your own design - or you can move the rock somewhere else for another child to find.

Katie added: “I do it with my little boy, who is three, and we’ve been painting.

“I also did the treasure hunt with the Ladybird Toddler Group in Wing and got all the children to decorate their own rocks - it was amazing to see how many children we got involved.

“It was nice to see the different designs and they all wanted it to be special - they painted instructions such as ‘Be Happy’, ‘Smile’, ‘Trust People’ and ‘Believe in Yourself’.

“Some of the older brothers and sisters helped, too, and it was lovely to see them write such nice messages.”

Katie advises painting the rocks or using a permanant marker, and then covering the design with a coat of varnish or clear nail polish, so it seals the colour and makes sure it doesn’t run.

>Search: “Rockin’ Treasure Hunt #rth” on Facebook.