Leighton man’s run for his nanna

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A man was inspired to take on a 10k run after his nanna was diagnosed with cancer.

Ollie Walker, 21, who works at the Co-op in Heath and Reach, did a Rough Runner 10k event recently to raise money for Christie NHS Foundation Trust, one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe.

He said: “My motivation was my nanna being diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to raise money specifically for cancer research.”

Ollie, who likes to run “whenever I can” trained for four months for the event, which includes running and obstacles, and was the first 10k he’s done.

He said: “The run was challenging - and rough - but it was fun.”

As part of his fundraising he left a bucket in the Co-op in Heath and Reach and in the end he raised £1,070.90 for Christie.

Ollie added: “I want to thank friends and family as well as customers and colleagues at the Co-op.

“With their contributions they’re helping the Christie continue their research and development for cancer as well as invest in new facilities, equipment, technology and improved care for both patients and staff.

“So from me to them a massive thank you for all the kind words, contributions and motivation.”

Thankfully, Ollie’s nanna is now cancer free, but Ollie has said he hopes to do more fund-raising for cancer research in the future.