Leighton yoga teacher in 108 sun salutations challenge for charity

Practising yoga at The Rocci Tree in preparation for the fundraising sun salutation event
Practising yoga at The Rocci Tree in preparation for the fundraising sun salutation event

A Leighton yoga teacher who couldn’t bear watching the daily devastation taking place in war-torn Aleppo has decided to do something positive to help.

Alexis Boniface, 40, of South Street is organising an event to support a charity that works in Syria and is 100 percent non profit – One Solid Ummah.

She’s looking for people to join her on Saturday (March 4) at the Rocci Tree yoga studio in Waterloo Road where sh’s challenging them to complete 108 sun salutations.

Alexis, who trained at Himalaya Yoga Valley in Cork, said: “One sun salutation is a flow of nine yoga movements knowns as a vinyasa.

“Completing 108 would be challenging for even the most advanced and experienced yogi, so it shows the determination and compassion of the students who’ve already signed up to help the suffering people of Syria.”
The event starts at 9.30am and will last until 11am. Entry costs £10.

Participants will not only reap the benefits this practice provides, but will also be able to enjoy cake and refreshment afterwards.

Alexis said: “Our involvement in the sun salutations will literally spread the love the way only yoga can.

“So let us come together to face this challenge as we leave perfection at the door and set our intentions to see change where it is needed most.”

Alexis was inspired to take the Himalaya Yoga Valley course by Rocci Pearson of the Rocci Tree studio, where she now teaches three classes a week.

“It’s a very traditional school with a strong ethos of helping the community,” she explained. “And my own practice of yoga goes much deeper than merely being bendy.

“I couldn’t watch what was happening in Aleppo without doing something and One Solid Ummah is doing amazing work in Syria. We’e already had such positive feedback.”
> More information at http://www.theroccitree.co.uk/