Linslade Beavers get their teeth stuck into dental health

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The 1st Linslade Beaver Colony has been learning the importance of good oral health and keeping their teeth in tip-top condition thanks to a recent initiative by Linslade dental practice, Cherry Trees Dental.

Dentist Dr Debbie Ganguli explained: “Good habits that are learned in childhood tend to follow us into adulthood and oral health is no different. We want local children to take responsibility for their own oral health and see the benefits that can bring.”

1st Linslade Beaver leader, Louise Betley said: “At the Beavers we like to invite all sorts of interesting people to talk to the children and Debbie and Yvonne gave our youngsters the opportunity to identify the different types of teeth and find out what teeth are made of.

“Using an egg timer to make sure that you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes really resonated with the children.

“All of them had ample opportunity to ask questions throughout and they really loved the oral health goody bags they went away with!”

Debbie added: “We provide worksheets, goody bags and supporting materials that aim to educate the children in an interesting and engaging way. We want them to understand the value of their teeth and gums and keep them for life.”

If you or your child’s group or school is interested in the free Cherry Trees Oral health education programme, call the practice on 01525 384894.

If you were a Cub, Scout, Brownie or Guide as a youngster, you know the benefits that it can give young people at an impressionable age. Louise asks that if you are over 18 and good with children, then 1st Linslade Beavers would love to hear from you as a prospective leader. Email her at