Linslade Lower judged a ‘good’ school by Ofsted


Linslade Lower was delighted to be judged a ‘good’ school, maintaining the status since its last Ofsted inspection in 2012.

Her Majesty’s Inspector Linda Killman awarded the result after meeting with headteachers Mrs Debra Cannings and Mrs Hazel Farlam, two governors, subject leaders and a group of Year 3 and 4 pupils.

She also studied school documents and policies and observed teaching and learning in all classes.

Ms Killman wrote in her report: “The leadership team has maintained a good quality of education in the school since the last inspection and joint headteachers provide the school with strong and effective leadership.

“Pupils’ individual needs and abilities are catered for well so that they all make good progress from their starting points, especially in reading and writing.”

Reading was found to be taught very well, so that by the end of Year 2 all pupils have a good understanding of how to break words down into smaller sounds.

She also praised the Early Years team for providing an extensive range of exciting and challenging activities.

However, pupils achievement in mathematics lagged behind reading and writing.

The inspector said: “Staff have received additional good quality training. A new scheme for mathematics has been purchased to cover the content of the national curriculum systematically, promoting pupils understanding of concepts, reasoning and problem solving skills.”

Importantly, Ofsted stated that the school developed good relationships with parents and that staff demonstrated high standards of care, quick to spot safeguarding issues. Experience days and extra curricular activities are enjoyed, whilst outcomes in art and design are impressive.

Pupils are also taught to be safe online.

Ms Killman said: “Since the last inspection pupils have frequent access to computing , while handwriting and spelling have improved.Pupils are encouraged to do as much as possible without the help of adults.”

The next targets are to ensure that the proportion of pupils working at or beyond the expected standard in mathematics by the end of Year 2 increases. The report says it should have a high profile in the school.