Meeting to hear how Leighton could address housing crisis and have zero energy bills

A zero energy bill home
A zero energy bill home

Could Leighton Buzzard join the Low Carbon revolution that is helping to tackle the housing crisis and providing zero energy bills?

A public meeting takes place at the town’s All Saints Church on Thursday, July 6 (7.45pm), which will look at how some areas of the UK (and the world) have already benefited from cheap, easy-to-build houses, with solar roofs ( not panels ) that charge electric cars, solar trees that charge electric bikes,and the creation of a local energy supply from renewables with local battery storage and the ‘Smart Grid’.

The public talk by experts with practical experience in the latest technologies –who have built these types of housing developments in the UK – has been organised by South Beds Friends of the Earth and Christian Ecology Leighton Linslade as part of the Low Carbon Leighton Linslade initiative.

The speakers will be Bill Dunster from Zedfactory and Chris Baker from Renewable Energy Systems.

Mr Dunster built one of the first Zero Carbon housing developments, Bedzed, in the 1990s in Sutton, London, and since then has built Zero Carbon developments with zero energy bills, with incorporated gardens and greenery, across the UK and in China and is at the cutting edge of low carbon technology.

Mr Baker from Renewable Energy Systems, the largest global renewable energy company and a global leader in energy storage integration, will be talking on the role of domestic battery storage and the ‘Smart Grid’ – how the National Grid can cope with renewables.

Ken Barry, of South Beds Friends of the Earth, said: “This is a chance to hear the experts in the technologies who have actually built these types of houses successfully.

“This is a really practical look at how Leighton Buzzard can solve its housing crisis and create its own energy and build houses and offices with zero energy bills.

“Our whole energy supply is changing. The National Grid is becoming the Smart Grid and domestic battery storage of renewables is developing fast.

“Leighton Buzzard could solve its housing crisis for affordable homes for young people and also create its own energy at a low cost, and make it much easier to get around Leighton Buzzard, reducing congestion and clearing air quality and integrate far more greenery and planting into our urban area making it much more pleasant.

“This has already been done in parts of the UK. Why can’t it be done in Leighton Buzzard? Do come along to hear the practical reality of a Low Carbon Leighton Linslade and Zero Energy Bills from top experts who are practically delivering this.”