Men in Sheds ready to tackle empty football changing rooms

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Some unused football club changing rooms are to be transformed into hives of activity by the successful Men in Sheds project.

West Bletchley Council is offering to convert one or two of the rooms in spacious sheds for the community scheme.

Already Men in Sheds runs one of the biggest projects in the country at kiln Farm.

The project supports older people, known as ‘Shedders’, who want to get together and share their DIY and woodworking skills.

West Bletchley Council spokesman Paul Neate said: “This would be the second Shed in Milton Keyens., It will be local and predominantly run by and for MK3 residents.”

He added: “I can identify with the Shedders. Having had a full and busy working life I can understand how a loss of work could lead to a loss of identity.”

The football club building at Rickley Park, home of the West Bletchley Carnival, has several redundant changing rooms.

West Bletchley Council is inviting all interested parties, especially those in the MK3 postcode or anyone with a trade or skills to share, to their offices on Tuesday 17th November at 11am.

Lunch will be provided and there will be a walk to take a look at the site on Rickley Park at 12pm.