Mine sweeper from Billington, 93, star of the show at VE Day celebrations

Oliver meets the Prime Minister
Oliver meets the Prime Minister

A Second World War mine sweeper from Billington was one of the stars at Westminster Abbey as war veterans were honoured at VE Day.

Oliver Lucas-Hodge, 93, attended the VE Day commemoration along with a few of the remaining Second World War veterans.

Oliver meets Farage

Oliver meets Farage

And the retired navy officer was thrilled to meet the highest dignitaries in the land, including Prince Charles, the PM David Cameron and UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

His daughter Susan Roscoe told the Observer: “It was absolutely wonderful. He just couldn’t believe it, crowds of people waved and thanked him.”

Oliver’s grandson Mark Roscoe took him to the cenotaph on Friday, May 8 and later to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a buffet.

Then, on Sunday, May 10 they attended the service at Westminster Abbey with many of the Royal Family present. Oliver shook hands with Prince Charles as he went through the parade.

Afterwards he attended a royal buffet at St James Park, attended by many important dignitaries, including the Prime Minister.

Susan said: “He came across to my father and had a conversation with him.”

And then afterwards, Mr Lucas-Hodge enjoyed a conversation with Mr Farage, who seemed to be in good spirits after his election defeat.

Susan added: “He chatted to him for a while. He was a lovely character, and very warm and friendly.

“One of the most amazing things, as I said to Nigel Farage, was I’d never seen my father’s medals until we had them mounted.”

Mr Lucas-Hodge served on the HMS Seaham from 1942 to 1945, clearing mines from European waters. In 1943, it took 62 survivors from the German blockade ship Alsterufer after it was sunk by the RAF.