Monday’s meeting with PCC postponed as Leighton Buzzard residents must wait until end of August

PCC Kathryn Holloway and her crime plan
PCC Kathryn Holloway and her crime plan

The public’s chance to quiz Beds PCC Kathryn Holloway on Monday evening about crime concerns has been postponed due to councillors being unable to make the date.

The PCC had agreed to face the community at Astral Park Community Centre on July 30 after being on annual leave when an earlier public meeting saw senior officers take questions from the public in the library in June.

The scheduling of the PCC ‘roadshow’ to Leighton Buzzard follows an online petition to Parliament launched in June demanding Mrs Holloway’s resignation and accusing her of ‘broken promises’ and failure to rectify concerns over policing in the town.

However, the meeting has now been moved to August 30 and the LBO is waiting for confirmation of the location and time.

Clare Kelly, chief of staff for the OPCC Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I can confirm that we have moved the event.

“This was down to a request we have had from local councillors who were unavailable for this date due to another meeting on at a similar time and asked us to reconsider it.

“We took that into account and have re scheduled for August 30.

“This was the earliest date we could source availability of speakers, the councillors and a suitable venue.”

The petition twas rejected on grounds that Parliament has no say in the matter and Mrs Holloway declined to comment on the issue.

Mrs Holloway stated she plans to use the meeting to explain the priorities of the force across the county, what had been done during her tenure as PCC, and also to give local residents the second opportunity in as many months to raise issues about policing.