More than 200 exhibits at horticultural show with many junior competitors

Exhibit at Linslade Horticultural Society spring show - handicraft winner Ron Milner.
Exhibit at Linslade Horticultural Society spring show - handicraft winner Ron Milner.

There were more than 200 exhibits at the Linslade Horticultural Society Spring Show, held at Linslade Community Hall.

A total of 62 competitors entered more than 200 exhibits, in classes including flowers, pot plants, floral displays, cakes, scones, jam, preserves, photographs, knitting, embroidery, cross stitch and handicrafts, at the show on Saturday, March 28.

Linslade Horticultural Society spring show exhibits.

Linslade Horticultural Society spring show exhibits.

The number of competitors was boosted by more than 30 Scouts and Beavers from the Trinity Scout Group, who entered the junior handicraft classes. These included Sock Monsters (5 – 7 years) and Cutting & Felting (10 – 13 years).

The standard of entries was as always very high and the show was enjoyed by competitors, visitors and the organisers.

The next LHS show will be the Summer Show at Cedars School on Saturday, September 5, 2015.

Anyone interested in competing should contact the show secretary Roger Servantes, 10 Queen Street, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1BZ, email

Cup Winners

The William Alder Challenge Cup, Member Most Points In Whole Show, Roy Underwood.

The Jack Griffin Trophy, Most Points In Section One, Roy Underwood.

The Metz Cup, Best Exhibit In Section One, Ken Griffin, Class 1.

The Fowler Cup, Most Points In Classes 41-52, Sheila Smith.

The A. E. Taylor Trophy, Best Pot Plant In Section 3, Barbara Marshall, Class 25.

The Gilbert Inglefield Cup, Most Points In Section 5, Hilda Palmer.

The Elsie Hyde Memorial Trophy, Most Points In Section 8 Handicraft, Mark Freeman.

The Dolly Harmer Trophy, Winner Class 39 Floral Art, Hilda Palmer.

The Fothergill Cup, Most Points In Childrens Classes 55-63, James Aldous

Results (1st, 2nd and 3rd places)

Class 1, trumpet daffodils, Ken Griffin, Roy Underwood (2nd & 3rd). Class 2, trumpet daffodils, white only: Roy Underwood (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Class 3, large cupped narcissi, Ralph Skingle, Ken Griffin, Ralph Skingle. Class 4, one specimin bloom, Ralph Skingle, Roy Underwood, Roy Underwood. Class 6, tazetta & polyanthus, narcissi & jonquils, Roy Underwood (1st & 2nd). Class 7, poeticus narcissi, Roy Underwood (1st and 2nd). Class 8, double narcissi, Roy Underwood (1st & 2nd).

Class 9, miniature narcissi, Ralph Skingle (1st and 2nd) Carol Oakman. Class 10, miniature narcissi, Barbara Marshall. Class 11, narcissi, Roy Underwood (1st &. 2nd). Class 12, hardy shrubs or trees, Ralph Skingle, Jane Barton, Wally Randall. Class 14, various flowers, Roy Underwood, Ralph Skingle. Class 15, hardy flowers, Roy Underwood, Carol Oakman, Roy Underwood. Class 16, polyanthus, Ralph Skingle.

Class 18, one cactus, Paul Brown (1st & 2nd). Class 19, one succulent, Paul Brown (1st& 2nd), Emma Randall.

Class 20, one pot plant flowering, Paul Brown. Class 21, one pot plant foliage, Roy Underwood, Nigel Hawkins. Class 22, one pot plant flowering, Ralph Skingle, Roy Underwood. Class 23, three hyacinths, Roy Underwood (1st & 3rd), Margaret Underwood.

Class 24, three daffodils, Roy Underwood (1st & 2nd), Emma Randall. Class 25, any other flowering plant, Barbara Marshall. Class 31, four stems rhubarb, Paul Brown.

Class 35, miniature arrangement, Valerie Angel, Margaret Underwood. Class 36, lady’s corsage, Hilda Palmer. Class 37, gent’s buttonhole, Hilda Palmer, Margaret Underwood (3rd). Class 38, beauty without flowers, Sue Clark, Hilda Palmer. Class 39, an arrangement -Springtime, Hilda Palmer (3rd). Class 40 arrangement for a coffee table, Hilda Palmer, Sue Clark, Sandra Milner.

Class 41, fruit cake, Carolyne Aldous, Sheila Smith, Doreen Morrisey. Class 42, Madeira cake, Colin Aldous, Jane Barton, Sheila Smith. Class 43, Victoria sandwich, Sheila Smith, Emma Randall (3rd). Class 44, 5 sausage rolls, Sheila Smith. Class 45, 5 biscuits, Carolyne Aldous. Class 46, 5 Scones, Myra Wildman, Sheila Smith, Colin Aldous. Class 47 lemon curd/cheese, Colin Aldous, Carolyne Aldous. Class 48, marmalade, Margaret Underwood, Carolyne Aldous, Colin Aldous. Class 49 jam - stone fruit, Roy Underwood, Wally Randall. Class 50, jam, Nigel Hawkins, Colin Aldous, Myra Wildman. Class 53, sock monster (5-7yrs), Aaron Smith, Joshua Woodward, Rhys Dow. Class 54, felting & sewing (10-13 yrs) John Stanton, Daniel Sandiford, Toby Arnold.

Class 58, Picture Middle School rivers and boats, James Aldous. Class 59, five scones, James Aldous. Class 60, gingerbread man, James Aldous. Class 61, 5 small cakes, James Aldous. Class 63, hand knitted garment plain, Valerie Angel, May Varney, Doreen Hammond. Class 64, hand knitted garment fancy patterned, May Varney, Hilda Palmer, Susan Ayers. Class 66, embroidery, Mark Freeman (1st & 2nd). Class 67, cross stitch, Mark Freeman (1st & 2nd). Class 68, crochet, Jane Barton, Hilda Palmer (2nd & 3rd).

Class 69, any other handicraft male, Ron Milner, Peter Palmer. Class 70, any other handicraft female, Caroline Aldous, Emma Randall. Class 71, photographs wildlife, Paul Brown (1st and 2nd), Mark Freeman. Class 72, photographs own choice, Rory Morrisey, Linda Randall (2nd & 3rd).