Morrisons and Tesco each have trolley with disabled child’s seat thanks to Leighton mum

The trolley in Tesco, Vimy Road.
The trolley in Tesco, Vimy Road.

A caring Leighton mother with community spirit is on a mission to ensure that the town’s supermarkets each have a shopping trolley with a disabled child’s seat.

Thanks to mum-of-two, Tahira Chatfield, Tesco in Vimy Road, and Morrisons in Lake Street now each have a trolley with a disabled child’s seat in their stores.

The trolley at Tesco, Vimy Road.

The trolley at Tesco, Vimy Road.

For the last two months, Tahira had been contacting the supermarkets to request the trolleys after she struggled the fit her daughter, Nyla, two, into the standard child seats because Nyla wears splints.

Tahira, 29, said: “I just wanted something in the newspaper to make other parents aware of this great news!

“My daughter wears splints and she’s getting quite big now – I was having trouble fitting her into a (standard) trolley.

“I just asked staff if they had any disabled trolleys, obviously they had ones for adults but they were really big.

“I knew the trolleys existed so I emailed all the head offices and I spoke to Ellen, a manager at Tesco, who was amazing.

“I thought ‘I’m not the only person out there with a disabled child’; I knew the trolleys were out there and that Leighton Buzzard needed some.”

Tahira lives in Leighton Buzzard with her husband, Wayne Chatfield, 32, daughter Nyla, and Nyla’s older sister Layla, four.

The determined mum has also contacted Aldi to see if their Vimy Road store can have a trolley with a disabled child’s seat, too.

Ellen Gibbons, customer experience manager at Tesco, Vimy Road, said: “We work hard to make sure all of our customers feel comfortable in our store so were happy to help Tahira with a disabled trolley seat for her daughter.

“We look forward to seeing them in store again soon.”

A Morrisons spokesman said: “We now offer a trolley for customers with disabled children at our Leighton Buzzard store to help them with the shopping trip.” The LBO also contacted Aldi for a comment but has not had a response yet.