Moving on, but armed with a giant wish list!

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Leighton Buzzard Writers regular column. This week by Rebecca Wilson...

After several years of procrastination and a few false starts, we have finally decided to move house. Wilson Towers recently went on the market and we began the protracted and stressful process of selling and buying.

I can’t remember the last time my husband and I had a conversation not involving at least one of the following words: estate agent, completion, survey, mortgage, vendor. I am touching wood on an hourly basis and can’t talk about the impending move without adding “subject to contract”, to factor in the quirks of the English house-buying process.

Firstly there is the hell of selling and pretending to live in an immaculate show home style existence whilst shoving all clutter into cupboards, under beds and even in the car when viewers come round to eye up our castle.

Then there is the buying process which is equally tough: the new Wilson abode must house my three businesses, a three-legged dog and my vast shoe and handbag collection plus many treasures brought home from our travels, and stick to budget. In fact, sometimes I wonder if we should just move into a giant storage unit.

Personal taste and a giant wish list is also a factor: I cannot bear Artex ceilings and 1980s orange pine kitchens, and after ten years without, I absolutely must have a dishwasher.

Husband has a smaller but equally important list. We would need the budget of the Beckhams to tick all our boxes so compromises will have to be made!

The housing market is enjoying new-found buoyancy and Leighton Buzzard and its surrounding villages offer an astounding and bewildering array of properties.

There are waterside apartments, beautiful Victorian and Georgian terraces, charming cottages, spacious 1970s houses, bungalows, 1930s semis and vast swathes of impressive new-build housing.

Property websites are my new obsession. We have seen all shapes and size of property and met most of Leighton’s estate agents in the process, but fingers crossed, by the time you are reading this, we will be almost done (subject to contract) and hopefully just in time for the next fun stage of the process: DIY.