Mum’s shock at mouldy pot meal

A disabled mum from Linslade has spoken of her shock after opening a readymeal full of mould purchased from a supermarket just days earlier.

Full-time mum Moonyean Lowson, 23, suffered a stroke last year and now has problems with her eyesight.

While preparing her six-year-old son’s dinner, she opened the Hunger Breaks Hot Pots product, purchased from Asda in Bletchley only a few days earlier.

Moonyean, of Hawthorn Close, said: “It was only when I opened the pot and noticed the smell that I asked my partner to have a look at it for me.”

Moonyean was shocked to be told that the pot was virtually full of mould.

She said: “I actually bought a few of them and the other one my son had just the day before.

“I don’t think it was moudly like this one, but he’d had really bad sickness and it did concern me.”

The pot wasn’t due to expire until August 2015 but had already reached an advanced state of decay when Moonyean opened it.

She immediately got in touch with manufacturers Princes, seeking an explanation, and was unhappy with the initial response.

Moonyean said: “They were rubbish at first, they were saying they hadn’t received emails from me and it just made me so angry.

“I would have loved to have known how it happened!”

A spokesman for Princes defended the company’s handling of the complaint.

He said: “We were contacted by Ms Lowson and immediately responded to apologise.

“We launched a full investigation, which found that the pot she had been able to provide had become damaged, causing the mould.

“While it is impossible to determine when or where in the chain of distribution that the damage occurred, we provided a voucher as a gesture of goodwill.”

An Asda spokesman stated that all enquiries should be directed to Princes.