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Lucinda Neall publishing house - Tom and Jake
Lucinda Neall publishing house - Tom and Jake

A local author has launched a publishing house, with the first works written by her mother.

After publishing two of her books, About Our Boys and How to Talk to Teenagers, Lucinda Neall has now decided to start a small publishing house, which she has called Leaping Boy Publications.

One of her first endeavours is a series of six books that her mother, Helen MccGwire, 87, wrote and illustrated for her five children and 11 grandchildren. The stories follow the adventures of Tom and Jake growing up in the 1960s on a farm in Devon, and include characters such as Mr Jones the farmer, Mrs Brown the bantam hen, and even a goat called Emily.

As the stories are about two small boys and the scrapes they get into, what better place could there be to sell them than the delightful vintage sweet shop, Linzi Marie Cake Supplies and Confectionary on North Street, Leighton Buzzard.

You can have a look at these charming books at Linzi Marie’s, and if you buy your first copy of the Tom and Jake series there, you will get a pound off the second book in the series.

In 1993 she and her husband Peter set up the Neall Scott Partnership, based at Slapton, and Lucinda has trained and coached people in many sectors - including mining, construction, airlines, finance and education - and at every level of responsibility from the boardroom to the coalface.

Lucinda spent her early childhood in the Soviet Union and America, before returning to the UK to complete her education. She left Keele University with a 1st Class Honours degree in Maths and Economics, and worked for the British Government as an economist in a number of departments. She then spent time in telesales and administration, before finding her true vocation in training and coaching.

Lucinda’s work in the education sector, her passion for effective communication, and the birth of her son prompted her to analyse what makes boy’s tick and how to motivate them. To date she has written two books on the subject, Bringing the Best out in Boys - Communication Strategies for Teachers and About Our Boys. The main message of these books is that respect and communication make a difference and, by addressing issues earlier rather than later, we can all assist boys to grow up into caring confident men.

Lucinda set up the Creating Safer Communities for All project, where adults are encouraged to see the best in young people and engage positively with them.

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