Mystery music wakes up residents across the town


Opinions are split on loud music that woke up many residents on Saturday, August 6, but nobody seems to know where it was coming from, or what it was.

Residents took to Facebook the following morning to vent their frustration, with one user posting: “For the sake of my sanity...Does anyone know what and where that drum and bass noise is coming from? It has been consistent all night - it is a distant rumble from my Tiddenfoot area but I pity the poor souls that are closer.”

Other uses were also unhappy with the noise that woke them up. Another posted: “I could hear it and I’m down the Stoke Road end of Linslade. Thing is I definitely hear it more than once a year. Keeps me up at night.”

But some posters enjoyed listening to the music from their homes. One said said: “I’m a 51-year-old grandma and I would love to hear that sort of music all night. Trouble with this society is that you are all too quick to jump on the younger generation for what they do. They can’t do right from wrong.”

Leighton-Linslade town and district councillor David Bowater saw the online messages on the Spotted Leighton Buzzard page and asked for crime reference numbers so he could investigate why nothing was done by the police, but nobody gave them to him.

He told the LBO: “I replied to the posts complaining about the noise to stress that unless it is reported to the police they do not know about it. I know of no application for a licence for this event so I must assume none was made as all ward councillors are informed of all such licence applications.

“I feel very sad that so many people feel that talking about an issue on ‘Spotted’ is making an ‘official’ complaint. I know that some of the PCSOs in LB do monitor Spotted but they do not work overnight so by the time they see it it is too late.

“The regular patrols are by car so it’s probable that they would miss it. Please remember that if a crime is reported it is essential to get a crime reference number.”

It is unclear where the music came from, but it was heard in Slapton, Heath and Reach, Soulbury, Linslade and Tiddenfoot. It appears to have started around 11pm and was still going at 8am.

Central Bedfordshire Council received two noise complaints of ‘rave’ type music in unconfirmed locations, but one person believed it was coming from the Ashwell Street / Mill Road area.

Aylesbury Vale District Council had no noise complaints on their system from that weekend and Thames Valley Police had no record of complaints on their system.