New ideas planned for popular festival

The Woburn Festival takes on a new committee this year, who hope to take the event forward with some new ideas but retaining the flavour of the old.

There has been a complete change of organisers and the new team says it is keen to put its mark on the event.

The dates for this year’s festival are September 12 and 13 and will be held in and around the village of Woburn.

Some of the old favourites will still be happening like the flea market, craft market, tug of war, flower and produce competition. Some of the new features will include a photo competition, family area and many more ideas. Check out the new website at

This year there will also be holding a series of concerts and events in the village hall to try and raise funds for the festival, which is run for the benefit of the village by volunteers.

The first night takes place on Saturday, March 28 and is a comedy night featuring the talents of Les Barker and Sid Bloomfield at the Woburn Village Hall.

Les Barker is a prominent poet/comedian who has been delighting audiences worldwide with his gentle humour for many years, he is a great favourite at many festivals across the UK.

He will be ably supported by Sid Bloomfield a comedian from the West Country who is beloved by festival and club organisers. His slightly sideways look at life, combined with his silly songs and monologues will delight those with a sense of the absurd and give your chuckle muscles a good work out.

Tickets £10 can be reserved at

Tickets £12 can be bought on the night.