No ‘mad rush’ expected to record council meetings
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The public can now freely record meetings of Leighton-Linslade Town Councilafter the council altered its procedures following guidance issued from Whitehall.

Town councillor Mike Bishop, said: “It’s about time the council was more open to the public. I’m not expecting a mad rush by the public but anything that helps more people appreciate how and why decisions are made by their elected councillors is to be applauded.”

Previous rules allowed recording (both video and audio) only at the discretion of the chair of the meeting.

In the last few years in other councils there have been cases of members of the public being arrested by the police when they attempted to film proceedings (e.g. Carmarthenshire Council).

Councils now not only have to allow recording but must facilitate it by allowing the use of power points.

The rule does not apply to the sections of meetings where the public are excluded which only occurs on limited occasions.