Woman’s shock discovery of sawn-off pig’s leg!

Pig leg discovered in Enid Miller's front garden
Pig leg discovered in Enid Miller's front garden

A Leighton Buzzard woman’s bizarre discovery in her front garden has left the bemused resident keen to know what swine put it there.

Enid Miller was shocked to find a sawn-off pig’s leg on the turf outside her home and has been [pork] scratching her head on how it got there.

Enid insisted she wasn’t telling the LBO porkies, and has provided a photo of the weird find.

She said: “Last Thursday morning, not April Fools Day, I noticed on my front lawn, the lower part of a pig’s leg!

“It had obviously been sawn off and was very dirty. I live in a turning off Plantation Road, some distance from the nearest butchers, not on a main road and no pig farms nearby.

“We have foxes and badgers in the area, but I can’t think where they could have dragged it from.

“It hadn’t been chewed or attacked by insects. I am not a Jew or a Muslim to be offended by it, so I can’t imagine a person would have put it there.”

Enid is hoping to get to the bottom of the mystery – but fears pig’s might fly before she gets any answers...