On the verge of crackdown against bad parking?

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Central Beds Council is on the verge of cracking down on motorists who park badly.

The council introduced a district-wide ban in 2014 aimed at stopping drivers parking on verges and pavements, but is aware it is widely flouted.

However a council report has now warned: “Officers will be introducing the necessary measures to enable enforcement action, focusing on those streets where the safety threat from inconsiderate and asocial parking is considered to be most acute.

The council says the ban was introduced in recognition “that the damage caused places an additional strain on limited maintenance budgets and that obstructive parking directly compromises the safety of vulnerable road users.”

A CBC spokesman added this week: “We do have a CBC-wide prohibition of parking on verges and footways which was brought into operation in 2014. However, it is only enforceable when the correct regulatory signs have been installed.

“It has proved difficult to use that restriction for various reasons, such as migration of parking to adjacent streets and lack of support from local people.”

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