On track for a Tube world record task

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web LBO breaking news 'first for news'latest headlines

WHETHER you’re facing stratospheric delays, drunken wannabe-pop-stars, the infernal stench of the damned, or just having your face forced against the sweat-soaked armpit of a round-bellied businessman, the London Underground is never normally a place in which you’d want to dwell longer than you have to.

But, love it or hate it – OK, well maybe just hate it – the Tube is an iconic landmark that has always inspired obsession, especially for two Leighton sixth-formers who are planning a colossal 16-hour train journey.

For Matt Dyer and Liam Guthrie-Smith, 16, the Tube will not just be the scene of a brief and irksome commute, but the arena for a marathon Guinness World Record attempt, as they try to traverse all 270 stations and 250 miles of track in the quickest ever time.

Gemini Close resident Matt and Liam, from Hockliffe Road, will complete the feat to raise money for Milton Keynes-based charity MacIntyre Care and will be sporting special ‘please donate’ T-shirts on the day.

If you would like to donate to either Matt or Liam, their fundraising pages can be found on www.virginmoney giving.com/FundatMacIntyre.

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