One mile challenge to help Ross make a difference in Peru

Ross is hoping to raise enough money to go to Peru next year
Ross is hoping to raise enough money to go to Peru next year

A Cedars Upper School student is raising money to travel to Peru and help the families living in poverty.

Ross Langham, 15, of Bideford Green, is part of a group who are hoping to travel to Peru in July to help families become more self-efficient and educated.

He said: “I am doing World Challenge as I feel that it would be an amazing life opportunity and while I’m out in Peru I’ll be helping less fortunate people and families become more independent so that the children can have an education and become more independent themselves.

“Whilst I’m out there I’ll be experiencing how to work in a team so that when I go to university or apply for a job then I’ll be able to work in teams and cooperate better.

“Doing this will also look good on my CV so that jobs and university will see what I’ve done as an extra skill.

“Being out there for a month, I’ll learn camping and hiking skills - as well as social skills - so that in the future I could do this kind of thing again as well as use the skills I pick up in life to build myself further as a person.”

Ross has been encouraged by project organisers, World Challenge, to raise the money for the trip himself.

His latest fundraiser is a virtual run, which started on Sunday, November 11, until Saturday, December 9, entries will close on Monday, November 20. It is £12 for adults and £7 for under 13’s to enter.

He said: “I need to raise a further £2500 by May, so I am looking for donations, sponsorship and people to come along or enter the events I am organising, such as the virtual run.

“I have set up a Facebook page, Ross’s World Challenge, is people would like to keep updated on my progress and hear about the events.”

Ross’s mum, Kama Langham, said: “The virtual run is something everyone can get involved with because it can be done anywhere, it is one mile of activity and can be anything.

“Once you have completed it you should send a picture to prove you have completed it, for example, a screenshot of the treadmill or a fitness watch or activity tracker, and then a medal will be sent to you.

“It’s great what he is doing, he really wants to help make a difference, hopefully a lot of people can get involved with the virtual run and receive a medal, designed by Ross.”