Advice issued after cooking fats and wipes block sewer in Hockliffe


Anglian Water is issuing advice to residents after engineers had to clear a blockage in a sewer in Hockliffe today (Tuesday).

Engineers were alerted to a water leak in Birch’s Close, when they arrived they established that it was water coming from a sewer, caused by items which should not be in there.

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “We were alerted to a leak from a nearby sewer on Birch’s Close, Hockliffe.

“Sadly, this was entirely avoidable as it was caused by a build up of cooking fats and wipes, which should not be in the sewer in the first place.

“The fats and wipes combine in the sewer and cause fatberg blockages that force the sewage to back up and overflow.

“Our engineers worked on site today (Tuesday, October 10) to clear the blockage and wash and disinfect the patch of grass that had been affected.

“Everyone can do their bit to keep pipes clear and prevent a repeat issue.

“The good news is it doesn’t take much effort: allow fats to cool and scrape them into the bin rather than pouring them down the sink.

“And put wipes in the bin, not down the loo - even if they say flushable on the label.

“We clear a blockage every 15 minutes on average, and we spend £15 million every year jetting and clearing sewers - that’s money that could be better used elsewhere if these items were not flushed or rinsed down the sink.”