Allotment holders in Leighton Buzzard discover damage after youths are escorted from site

Allotment holders in Leighton Buzzard and the town council are counting the cost after vandals targeted the Weston Avenue plots.

Several youths were spotted looking out of place on Tuesday evening (May 28) and were led off the site.

Weston Avenue allotment damage

Weston Avenue allotment damage

Once gone the allotment holders checked the land and discovered damage had occurred.

A Weston Avenue plotholders spokesman told the LBO: “The Leighton Linslade allotment holders are a friendly lot, which means that strangers on the site, tend to get noticed.

“This was the case on Tuesday night when three youths were seen who didn’t seem to be dressed for cutting the grass or doing any weeding.

“Regulars at Weston Avenue Allotments went over to ask what they were doing and if they needed any help.

“When told that the youngsters were lost and didn’t know how to get out they were helped to find the gate and escorted off the site.

“Unfortunately, when the regulars returned to check around the area where the youths had been they found the damage that had been done to the allotment fencing in Kingfisher Drive as well as the shed that they had been breaking into.”

The spokesman said the police were contacted immediately and officers had logged the crime.

She added: “Thankfully, the town council has been quick to respond by arranging for the damage to the fence to be repaired the very next day.

“Nothing was lost on this occasion and now no-one is leaving any valuables at the site.”

If anyone is interested in becoming an allotment holder at Weston Avenue or Alwyns Field then all you need to do is contact the town council at the White House on 01525 631920 as the council allocate the plots. Alternatively, you can contact John Neal who is the chairman of the Allotment Association Committee by email at or look up Leighton Linslade Allotment Association on Facebook.

In recent weeks, the LBO has received several complaints from readers that although there have been vacant plots for some time, they have not being allocated as, according to the council, they needed to be cleared first.

A town council spokesman said: “It is anticipated that by the end of June, the majority of vacant allotment plots will have been cleared.

“At the same time, those still wanting a plot will have been contacted inviting them to take up a plot at their earliest convenience.”