Amateur Boxing Club in Leighton Buzzard needs the public’s help to continue

Rangers Amateur Boxing Club
Rangers Amateur Boxing Club

The coach of an Amateur Boxing Club in Leighton Buzzard is appealing for the public’s help in keeping the club running.

Rangers Amateur Boxing Club is struggling financially and Karl Stevenson, who is also the club secretary, set up a justgiving page to try and raise £5,000 to help keep the club running.

The club, which runs on subs charged for training sessions, was set up to encourage junior and senior boxers to take up the sport and progress and compete at all levels of competition.

Karl said: “We are struggling financially at the moment.

“We have had no luck in finding a business sponsor and are now finding it difficult to financially continue.

“We need to raise money to continue running, we have set a target but anything we can get will be a big help.

“We need money for monthly outgoing costs, like rent and electricity and the upkeep of the building, we need to get ventilation in the gym.

“We are also in need of new equipment like gloves and bags.

“The gym is looking a bit tired so hopefully we can give it a lick of paint to freshen it up, any money we can get through the fundraising page will help towards keeping the gym going.”

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