Annual Leighton fireworks display to be relocated?

Fireworks in 2014
Fireworks in 2014
  • Move from Brooklands to Parson’s Close rejected by town council
  • Lions Club hand over organisation of event to Rotary
  • Rotary say a more central location would ‘enhance the experience’
  • Other potential locations to be investigated by council

A proposal to transfer Leighton Buzzard’s annual fireworks extravangza to Parson’s Close Recreation Ground has been rejected by the town council.

However, the popular event, which has been held at Brooklands School and attracted about 4,000 people in 2014 despite wet weather, could well be on the move ultimately.

Organisers Leighton Buzzard Lions Club has decided to pass the baton to the Rotary Club of Leighton-Linslade who want to shift the fireworks to a more central location.

In a letter to the council asking it to consider the use of Parson’s Rec’, RichardJohnson, from the Rotary Club, said: “The traditional venue for the event, whilst under Lions Club stewardship, has been the playing fields of Brooklands School. However, the Rotary Club would wish to actively explore alternatives that would enhance access for all members of the local community.

“The relocation will only enhance the overall experience for the whole community and at the same time present an opportunity for a partnership approach with the town council. It is also fair to say that the scope for raising charity funds will also be improved adding to the contribution the Rotary Club already makes via its May Day and Christmas activities.”

However, at Monday’s meeting of the council’s leisure and community committee, councillors turned down the request.

A spokesman said: “The committee resolved to decline to endorse Parson’s Close as a suitable location. However, it was agreed that other sites within the town would be given consideration. A further report with options will be presented to the committee later in the year.”

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